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On the Front Lines of Film and Television

Released at the end of 2020, Daniel's first book is all about his hundreds of overtime hours working as a film and television production assistant (PA for short, a.k.a. "gofer"). Come behind the scenes of countless sets to hear about the plentiful, sometimes painful tasks PAs are asked to do so the show can go on.


The book contains dozens of valuable lessons: how to start out with zero connections, what a freelance lifestyle entails and why success is all about who you don't know!

"Gofers" puts the entry-level role and work of a PA in the spotlight. It explains, step-by-step, how Daniel Scarpati went from making home movies in his backyard and having zero connections to working on dozens of primetime network series, major motion pictures and big-budget commercials. Through stories from time spent with renowned cast and crew, Daniel explains how to forge your own path in the industry. This isn’t just another textbook. The street smarts, people skills and practical life lessons translate to any industry.

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"Gofers: On the Front Lines of Film and Television"

By Daniel Scarpati

Publication Date: October 25, 2020

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-578-76260-9

ebook ISBN: 978-0-578-76261-6

6” x 9”; 236 Pages

A candid photo of Daniel working on set, taken by

talented IATSE Local 52 dolly grip, John Moustakas.




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"I so wish I had this book when I was first trying to be a writer/producer in L.A. I started as a PA, but this would've saved me the two years it took to learn the protocol of Hollywood."

  • Russ Woody, producer/writer of Parenthood, The Middle, Becker, Mad About You and The Drew Carey Show

“'Gofers' is a must read for anyone interested in breaking into the motion picture industry. Full of how to, on-set knowledge, and peppered with anecdotes told through the eyes of veteran PA Daniel Scarpati, it is informative, fun, and tells it like it is.”

  • Tom Reilly, member: the Directors Guild of America, author of "The Hollywood MBA: A Crash Course in Management From a Life in The Film Business"

“Dan... is the world's best production assistant.”

  • Candice Bergen, iconic star of CBS' Murphy Brown, five-time Emmy winner and two-time Golden Globe winner

"Former production assistant Daniel Scarpati has written a book, and don’t worry, he doesn’t burn anybody. 'Gofers' is a fun, scrappy, very readable memoir/guide to being a PA... If you know anyone thinking of trying to break into movies, they will likely appreciate this book. It would also be good for directors and department heads to read it, if only to remember: Everyone on set might write a book someday, so be nice."

  • Tim Molloy, Editor-in-Chief, MovieMaker Magazine


"'Gofers' is a thoroughly enjoyable read for anyone who loves film and television, but is especially valuable as a guide to those thinking of entering this exciting world."

  • Jim B., Amazon

"Film and television viewers will find it an eye-opening back-scene description about how the 'magic' audiences view is actually created."

  • Lee Q., Barnes & Noble

"Working in the film business is a crazy way of life and Daniel has caught the magic, insanity and creative life of what it's like to work on a set."

  • Robin K., Walmart Kobo

"Honestly, I don't think I can ever watch a TV show in quite the same way again."

  • One of the editors!

"Half is funny film set anecdotes & half is a great and thorough guidebook with terminology... This creative, warm and funny book has HEART!"

  • Amazon

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