A change of pace from Daniel's usual screenplays, he is writing his first non-fiction book! It's about his six years working as a film and television production assistant (PA), learning the most valuable lesson in all of showbiz: success is all about who you don't know!

The stories Daniel tells prove that you don't need to know anyone. Even with zero connections, anyone can become a success story in the entertainment production industry. After getting his foot in the door on dozens of primetime network shows, studio feature films and commercials, Daniel came to understand that the most successful cast and crewmembers do not wait on others for opportunity--they create it themselves.

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A few candid photos of Daniel on different sets.

Gofers is the book Daniel wished existed while he was in college, beginning his career. He didn't understand what professors meant when they suggested becoming a PA and rising through the ranks. This book places PAs in front of a close-up lens through years-worth of funny, relatable stories, inviting readers behind the scenes to hear about the unusual, sometimes dangerous things PAs are asked to do. The practical lessons and skills throughout are translatable to just about any career.

The book will discuss the many ways to create your own work which can lead to paid opportunity, various training programs to consider on the east and west coasts, how to deal with physical and mental stress in an industry that doesn't take time off, and methods to grow connections and never stop apprenticing in a rapidly developing industry rich with opportunity.

What Candice Bergen had to say about Dan on Instagram!

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